FileVision’s Electronic Tenant Records (ETR) solution is not just about going paperless; it’s about integrating tenant documents and data into your workflow processes allowing you to create, retain and manage tenant records in a consistent manner under the guidelines of your policy, procedures and necessary compliances. Managing the tenant records in a consistent manner provides improved information sharing and cross-counselor coordination and makes for easy retrieval and reporting.

FileVision's ETR totally eliminates the need for file cabinets and storage space. It eliminates the costs associated with manually filing, retrieving, copying, distributing and re-filing documents of all types. Staff can now access documents from anywhere with a far greater level of security. FileVision’s ETR solution easily integrates with Accounting and Housing Management Systems.

No longer will you see those thick color coded files stacked in piles or hear the words “I Can’t Locate the File”, all your tenant records and data are just a click away. FileVision’s ETR’s powerful search and retrieval capabilities present counselors with records within seconds. Graphical display’s provide counselors an electronic view of file cabinets, its’ drawers and folders, making for easy recognition of individual tenant records. Data that is stored in the ETR is searchable and reportable, allowing users to effectively report the state-of-the business on individual ETR’s or multiple ETR’s on a moment’s notice.

The sophisticated combination of data and documents being stored together allows our solution to automatically trigger an event or action to be taken by a counselor. Via ETR’s noticeboard, counselors are alerted to the “Call for Action”.

image1 after action
Noticeboards assigned to each user list tasks that
need to be performed.  Managers can quickly see
what is outstanding for each user and reassign for
task balancing and priorities.

With just a click the entire ETR is presented along with an overview of the necessary action to be taken and provide an Action Sheet routed to the appropriate counselor to begin working:

image 2 after

Documents can be automatically linked and accessed directly
from the Action Sheet and an audit list of documents necessary
for compliance highlighting those documents that are missing
from the ETR.

Almost any system can tell you what documents you have; FileVision tells you what documents are missing.  As documents are processed into the system the Checklist is automatically updated.

image 3

Documents can be viewed from the Checklist by simply clicking the document name:

  • Integration to HMS system for quick document retrieval and automated filing

  • Eliminate printing forms using electronic signatures 

  • Customizable Checklist for instant picture of which documents a tenant is missing

  • Built in accountability with electronic routing of re-certifications and interims 

  • Automated notification to finance for new landlord documents
  • Automated Emails to vendors for ACH payments

More Housing Authority Solutions:

Electronic Landlord Records

Track landlord data, documents and notes through the approval process using the ELR. Quick access to the information prior to entry into the Housing Management Software speed up the approval and ensure all required documents are on file.

Electronic Employee Records

Store employee documents and data securely in the FileVision EER. Automated notifications to the manager 90, 60 and 30 days prior to employee review date or probate ending date. 

Accounts Payable 

FileVision’s paperless Accounts Payable module goes far beyond elimination of paper filing of supplier invoices.  Now you can:

  • Link the payment instrument (check or ACH) to the invoices covered by the payment – and link other supporting documents.

  • Automatically email remittance advice to the payee when ACH payments are made – enabling a totally paperless payment process

  • Receive invoices from different locations – and via email from suppliers

  • Route invoices for approval based on your business rules

  • Route invoices for G/L coding based on your business rules

  • …and more

Contract Management

Collaborate on working documents while retaining and controlling the versions. Receive notification prior to contract expirations.

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