The Platform

Adhering to the price transparency rule just got easier. On our platform, all aspects and requirements of the ruling are met.

Our product follows the Healthcare Transparency in Coverage rule to the last T, which guarantees that you get all your medical facts and figures completely broken down in a way that makes it easy for your customers to navigate, compare, and make a decision. It also fulfills the requirements of the law to allow healthcare facilities to easily modify the information displayed.

With our product, you will be able to;

  • Display your healthcare charges, as required by the law
  • Display doctor charges and hospital costs, as required by the law.
  • Include physician’s profile on an external link
  • Display a particular procedure and all the costs associated with it
  • Show any new products insurance companies (and their competitors) provide that is perfect for the customers.
  • See the integration of insurance charges and all other hidden costs.
  • Allow your customers to calculate what their out-of-pocket costs will be and lots more.

Our product is easily updated to display any changes in costs and prices, which ensure that you are always in line with the directions of the law.

Advantages of our product

  • Smart: With a single platform, you can display all the right information that makes decision making easy.
  • Easy to Use: Customers can easily review multiple healthcare service provider’s information, different procedures, and shoppable services. Sort, filter, and learn.
  • Dynamic: Our product continuously evolves with timely updates of new prices and charges.
  • Decision-friendly: Our product permits different hospitals and different insurance providers to exist on one platform that will help the consumer make an informed decision.

While following the price transparency guidelines, our product also has a category called the "Care marketplace," which is a healthcare marketplace that sells products instead of services.

This value-added procurement module enables you to direct your customers towards purchasing products from your preferred vendors—E.g. Knee implants, to use during your procedure. Our product creates a marketplace where you can specify and highlight these products easily.

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