FileVision's ALFO platform is a world class production environment for information centric enterprise application development, ALFO delivers scalability, the capacity to rapidly develop and deploy with inherent flexibility, robustness, auditability and transparency, whilst adhering to universally adopted standards and many of today's most rigorous statutory/regulatory requirements. ALFO delivers out of the box functionality across a number of vertical and horizontal business disciplines affording organizations the ability to better manage their corporate information and data throughout their enterprise and where required to support and where required enhance interaction and information flow to and from their external value chain.

ALFO'S only limitation is that of your imagination in terms how you can deploy and share information with the constituents of both internal and external enterprise, ALFO manages knowledge, relationships, data, business processes in a manner which drives efficiencies and productivity without being prescriptive, by offering rich out of the box 'best practice' supported functionality with rapidly deployable exact fit 'on the fly enhancement'. ALFO's inherent flexibility protects you're your investment in both supporting legacy applications and associated the data sources, this ensures that continuity is achieved project after project, data isn't so much migrated, as it is seamlessly subsumed.

ALFO follows on from FileVision's rich heritage in Document and Content management extending our remit to the configuration and development of process specific solutions which are designed to reduce cost, complexity from the users perspective. 

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