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Clearing a path to seamless integration.

FileVision allows your business to eliminate the gaps

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Squaring the systems circle

FileVision extends your enterprise with cogent collaboration

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We are information experts, empowering you to be too

Your software solution for an uncluttered world

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Delivering business edge, rapid to deploy, exact fit solutions

Enlightening your path to a more integrated world

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Automating your business processes has never been easier

Our focus is on the end user and how they will use the system. Our platform is flexible and fully configurable allowing many options to deliver comprehensive point to point software solutions to solve your complex business requirements. As a trusted partner in bridging the software gaps, FileVision allows your organization to run seamlessly, while protecting the legacy systems already in place. 

Rapid Integration

Our integrated environment is what makes us powerful. We are able to integrate workflow capabilities with vertical solutions.

Powerful configuration

FileVision transforms the way you use your systems and brings efficiency to the next level.

Continuous collaboration

We are your one-stop-shop to developing solutions that have the capabilities of complementing existing solutions.

[ALFO] All in one, one for all - software platform that creates solutions

The ALFO platform enables organizations to create powerful software solutions managing data, document and business processes. Its rich functionality and versatility also allows ALFO to complement deficiencies within legacy applications.

File Vision's ALFO is a robust, scalable, collaborative information management platform involving data, electronic documents and paper digitization. It contains CRM, knowledge management, content management, document management, workflow, electronic forms engine with many other functionalities. The products and solutions are available both on premise and on the cloud with advanced portal capabilities. We are info experts, and we want you to be too.

With the ability to integrate with third party software applications, ALFO enhances the value of your legacy software.

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Making it easy to automate critical processes

Configured technology solutions to solve a business problem
Tenant Record

HR Training
Policy Management


Payable Automation

Supply Chain

FileVision's ready made solutions offer an alternative to developing new software. These solutions are designed for rapid implementation and interoperability with existing legacy systems. Complex problems are easily fixed and familiar to FileVision, we are able to effectively implement and configure as needed to fit your needs. Our technology engineers help your organization work faster, more effective and with reduced risk. 

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"The biggest benefit FileVision has brought to our organization is the reduced sales cycle. The time saved traveling between the office filing cabinet and the client location to search for andretrieve paper documentation and file folders saves time, which "is" money in this business. It also cuts down on the number of days it takes a client to make the decision to purchase services"
Professional Services Client